Flexible Childcare Program

Childcare When You Need It!

Childhood Connections Drop-in Childcare provides reliable, high-quality child care for children between the ages of 18 months to Grade-1 entry when families need it. We provide a welcoming, supportive and engaging environment in which young children can play, learn, discover and create.

Our flexible childcare program provides up to 40 hours per month and 8 hours daily of high-quality childcare. Childcare spaces can be reserved and/or cancelled with as little as one hour’s notice, accommodating the diverse and dynamic needs of your family.

Our Philosophy

Research shows that children learn best through play. Creating, exploring, discovering, pretending, making choices and having fun are how children make sense of the world around them and their place within it. That’s why Childhood Connections Drop-in Childcare offers a play-based program, influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.

We view children as rich in potential, competent, capable, curious and—most of all—connected to their families, communities and other children. We understand that the environment acts as a ‘third teacher’ in the lives of children. Our space is designed to support individual and group experiences and explorations that nurture all aspects of child development.

Drop-in Childcare is made for…

Children in need of a rich learning environment where they can play and learn alongside qualified staff and others their age.

Parents, guardians and caregivers requiring childcare to attend appointments and classes, fill in gaps in child care, or simply “recharge their batteries” so they can be at their best for their children.

Childcare educators and providers who require a reliable, quality childcare program to refer the children in their care during scheduled breaks and holidays.

Community social service agencies seeking to support their clients with a flexible childcare option while they utilize programs and services.

Play-based Childcare

Loose Parts

Many of the materials in our classroom are “loose parts” whether they are using art or sensory materials or learning to feed themselves at snacktime materials that can be mixed, moved, taken apart and put back together in many ways. They are materials with no specific set of directions that can be used alone or combined with other materials to allow children’s innate sense of exploration and invention to flourish.

Messy Play

Children can be messy as they create, discover and explore! Children’s learning can be a messy experience, whether they are using art or sensory materials or learning to feed themselves at snack time. Parents/guardians are advised to dress their children in clothing that they are not concerned about getting dirty/stained. We require adequate changes of clothing daily to ensure that children’s needs are met.

Active Play

Active play is physical activity which includes moderate to vigorous bursts of high energy, raises children’s heart rate and may make them ‘huff and puff’ such as running or jumping. For toddlers, active play may include reaching out for a toy, rolling over, balancing in a sitting position and crawling/walking. Our Program provides frequent opportunities for active play, both planned and spontaneous. Active play may include building with loose parts; participating in yoga stories; playing gross-motor games; dancing; and going on neighbourhood walks and other off-site trips.

Flexible Learning

Our approach to early childhood learning is as flexible as our drop-in childcare program itself.

We use a dynamic approach to learning and activity planning based on the needs and interests of the children in our care. This emergent curriculum method means that our educators observe and listen to the children. We ask questions and listen to the child’s ideas and theories. After observing the children in action, we plan play-based activities and projects that are best suited to the children on that given day.

Come Visit Us

We know that choosing the right childcare provider is a big decision. It’s important to us that you and your child are comfortable and that we can get to know each other. Please complete our online application form and we will get in touch to schedule an orientation tour.