Membership, Rates & Fees

Become a Member & Join our Community

When you become a member of our Drop-in Childcare program,  we hope your family will take advantage of the many other programs and services offered by Childhood Connections, from developmental screening tools like the Ages & Stages Questionnaire® (ASQ) to our ever-popular Early Learning Library!

Drop-in Childcare Rates

Members of Childhood Connections Drop-in Childcare get access to flexible, quality childcare at our new facility on the corner of Harvey Ave. and Burtch Road. As a member, you can purchase and use up to 8 hours per day of care, to a maximum of 40 hours per calendar month

Membership is per family (not per child) and we offer 2 options for families.

Regular Membership

Our Drop-In Childcare Program features a single membership fee and is charged on the 1st of every month. The hourly rate is based on the child’s age category.

  • Monthly membership fee: $30/month
  • Children aged 18 months to 3 years: $17.00/hour
  • Children aged 3 to 5 years: $15.00/hour

Bulk Hour Discounts

We are thrilled to offer discounted packages for hours purchased in bulk! This option provides families with the opportunity to save on childcare costs. Please note that these bulk hours must be utilized within two months of purchase, offering families the flexibility to plan and use them as needed. To learn more, please contact our Coordinator at

    Community Partnerships

    Childhood Connections partners with local businesses and non-profit agencies to increase the accessibility of drop-in childcare in our community. Please contact the Coordinator at to inquire about sponsoring childcare spaces.

    How Our Membership and Fees Work

    Registered members get access to a secure online account that makes it easy to book, cancel, and update their membership.

    Membership fees are billed on the 1st of each month for the upcoming month. To change your membership, you must submit a Membership Change Form by the 15th of the month for the following month.

    For example:

    • Your June membership will be billed on June 1st.
    • To change your membership plan for June, you will need to submit your Membership Change Form by May 15th.

    How Do I Book Hours of Care?

    Begin by logging in to your account.

    Purchase hours

    Go to the Packages tab in your Family Account.

    Using the dropdown menus, select your child’s name and the month you would like to purchase hours for.

    Click Add Package to Cart.

    Mix and match Packages to get the exact number of hours your family needs.

    Click Purchase and add your payment details to complete payment.

    Book hours

    Go to the Booking tab in your Family Account.

    Click the date you would like to book in for.

    Select the hours of care you need.

    Click the Book button near the top of the page.

    Please note; All booking reservations are by the hour, on the hour and include a 10-minute grace period on either end for drop off and pick up. Please schedule accordingly.

    Late Pickups and Early Drop-offs

    All bookings are on the hour, by the hour and include a 10-minute grace period at either end of the hour for drop-offs and pickups.

    To drop off more than 10 minutes “early”, please book into the previous hour. If you run later than 10 minutes past your child’s original pickup time, they will be booked into the next hour.

    If you are more than one hour late, a staff member will contact you. If parents/guardians cannot be reached, we will contact your child’s Emergency Contact for pick up.

    What Happens to Leftover Hours?

    At the end of each month, leftover hours are transferred to the following month, less two hours. This fee will be waived if you have canceled bookings due to illness.

    For example:

    • You have 10 remaining hours at the end of May
    • 8 hours will roll over to your account in June

    Please email before the end of the month to inform the Coordinator of your reasons for canceling.

    Additional Fees and Refunds

    Fees for late pickup/early dropoff and incidental charges are sent to members via their online Childhood Connections account with payment due by the 1st of the following month. Unpaid invoices will be manually billed to the credit card on file after 3 months of non-payment or upon cancelation.

    Childhood Connections is not able to provide refunds for months-in-progress. Hours purchased for future months will be refunded by request. To request a refund, please email

    Canceling Your Membership

    To switch between membership types or cancel your membership, you must submit a Membership Change Form by the 15th of the month for the following month.

    For example:

    Upon membership cancellation, final invoices are billed to the credit card on file.

    When you cancel your membership, you will forfeit any leftover hours in your final membership month. Hours purchased in advance for future months will be refunded at your request.

    Come Visit Us

    We know that choosing the right childcare provider is a big decision. It’s important to us that you and your child are comfortable and that we can get to know each other. Please complete our online application form and we will get in touch to schedule an orientation tour.